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Stuff Happens. Be Prepared When It Does.

Our goal is to help make those unpredictable moments in life go as smoothly as possible. We're living in a time where the past is no measure for events in our future. Contact us or send us your policy and see the squared difference.

Easy, Fast, Safe. 

Welcome to UrSquared Insurance. We have kind of a funny name but we hope it reflects how we feel about insurance. When things are squared away it means everything is now in its place and you can now relax. We are selling peace of mind, worry isn't productive and we have a solution for it.

We are here to find you the best rate and provide a service, the only exciting part about insurance for us is helping people. Interesting enough, rates aren't actually based in how much coverage you ask for, it's based on incidents and what the underwrite is paying on that coverage. Often we can find a cheaper rate for the consumer, you, with more coverage. 

For example when quoting auto insurance it's smart to run through all the numbers to see if you can get more coverage at a lower cost to you. If people that have purchased the higher coverage have had less incidents than those that purchased less coverage it can be cheaper. If the underwriter is paying out less money overall on people taking the higher coverage than it costs less.

Give us a call today to see if we can save you money and take better care of you than any other agent has or will,

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